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About Us

Bump Solutions SPA Edition is a Topical Cosmetic Toiletries, was introduce in Canada and USA in 2001, and is used widely by Professional Estheticians, and at homes, and Retail in the Beauty Industry by SPA and Salon across North America.

Bump Solutions SPA Edition is a specially formulated Toner that contains salicylic acid which is a beta hydroxyl acid derived from the willow tree. Salicylic acid is especially mild and less drying than alpha hydroxyl acids. Salicylic acid functions as an exfoliant agent leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Bump Solutions SPA Edition also contains the moisturizer glycerin and propylene glycol plus silicone skin emollients in a refreshing, clear base to hydrate and sooth the skin. Bump Solutions SPA Edition is recommended for all skin type. Regardless of your method of Hair removal….if you, shave or tweeze Bump Solutions SPA Edition is the perfect product for maintaining your post-hair re-growth in between hair-removal treatment.

Bump Solutions SPA Edition has been used Globally by Professional Estheticians over the past 17 years on their clients for maximum results to ensure that their clients maintain and protect their skin from skin irritations such as: razor bumps, razor burn, ingrown hair, pre and post wax irritations; Estheticians generally use Bump Solution on their clients before and after waxing; and recommend our 4fl.oz or 8fl.oz to clients for after care use, as clients generally suffers from post wax irritation a day after the procedure, and Bump Solution aids and control those irritations.

Esthetician also makes additional profit from retailing Bump Solution to their client. If you are an Esthetician and you are not using Bump Solutions in your services, you are at a disadvantage, not only does Bump Solution work effectively, it has a great profitability to resell to your clients for their aftercare/at home use.

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